Tormented Rock Star Royalty.

A Beautiful Outcast.

An Irresistible Offer.

I wanted to end it all, but life refused to release me.

So, I bought a sixteenth-century manor in the Herefordshire countryside to hide away in and retired at the tender age of thirty‑two.

The frivolities and soul‑destroying excess of fame are behind me, but my hard‑earned fortune is still rolling in.

You see, I’m rock star royalty, a legend from the rough side of Manchester who crushed his limitations and made music history.

Bands from all over England and abroad wanted me to produce their next platinum album. Women stopped at nothing to get me into their beds, and the competition hated me.

One day, I walked away from all of it: the music industry, the fake friends, and the crazy women . . . especially the women.

Then a beautiful outcast wearing a crow feather in her pretty hair made a shocking entrance into my life. One glance from her expressive green eyes, and my pulse was back, thundering inside my veins and rattling my heart.

I am alive again and will do anything to make her mine, but mischief-makers have made it their mission to obstruct the straight and narrow path to my broken dream girl.